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Poggio alle Vigne

“Poggio alle Vigne” is located on the hillsides between Torgiano and Brufa. A glance at the surroundings quickly explains its name: vineyards and olive groves alternate in stately and orderly rows. A short white gravel road descends towards the left with olive trees on one side and a pergola on the other, arriving at a 17th century farmhouse bordered by a thick hedge of scented rosemary.

A lovely lawn shaded by large umbrella pines, sumptuous centenary elms, olive trees and oleanders surrounds the house. The guests will enjoy the relaxing swimming pool, wood-burning oven, barbecue, childrens playground as well as the great natural park surrounding Poggio. Most of the apartments have a fireplace.
Every morning our guests can enjoy a rich buffet breakfast in the breakfast room or on the adjacent terrace overlooking the valley (breakfast supplement).

The apartments

The names of Poggio’s 10 apartments come from the fruits of the surrounding countryside - 8 in the main buiding (Broom-bush, Strawberry-tree, Fig-tree, Blackberry, Rosemary, Juniper, Olive tree, Gooseberry), and 2 in the former antique barn (Mallow, Dog-rose). Each one has a distinctive décor but all are immersed in the tranquillity of a pristine environment and enhanced by the quality of the hospitality – discreet yet attentive.


Right from the start, Poggio alle Vigne is striking because of its serenity, a fundamental aspect of hospitality here in this corner of the Umbrian countryside. A rural tranquillity, to be enjoyed in a comfortable, understated setting. The reception and the small breakfast room have been recovered from what was once a small storage shed of the property. In addition to reception services, there is also tourist information about Umbria, Torgiano and its extraordinary relationship with the this viticultural, olive-growing and wine-making area.
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La Ginestra


An external stone-paved terrace invites one to enter into this apartment where the attention to detail is evident by the design of wrought iron chosen for the furnishings, in the living room as well as in the bedrooms.
The apartment welcomes you with its shades of blue and amusing trompe-l’oeils on the walls. Well organized, comfortable spaces include a beamed ceiling in the master bedroom and the studio, where brick-work arches frame the desk.

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La Ginestra can accomodate from 1 to 3 pax

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Le More


The wide arched window at the entrance illuminates the living room where the ceiling reveals its strong, wide beams. A brick archway frames the lovely Umbrian chest, decorated with ceramics.
Equipped kitchen area. The beautiful countryside that colours the valley is at the centre of the vista that can be viewed from the bedroom.

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Le More can accomodate from 1 to 3 pax

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Il Corbezzolo


The external staircase is a traditional element of the local old farmhouses. Now it is covered with climbing plants and as in the past, it leads to the welcoming apartment with ample living room.
The silhouette of Torgiano and its tower can be admired from the living room; the warm tones of the fabrics and furnishings alternate with the light colours of the furniture and walls. The living room revolves around the fireplace and a loft expands the possibilities of use.

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Corbezzolo can accomodate from 2 to 4 pax

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Il Rosmarino


The living room with its beamed ceiling is large and welcoming. Wide arches divide the space: on one side are the fireplace and living room, on the other is the dining room. The fabrics, draperies and furnishings in a red-based colour scheme warm up the bedroom.
From a small window in the kitchen the eye sweeps over a lovely and evocative stretch of vineyards in the Torgiano countryside.

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Rosmarino can accomodate from 2 to 4 pax

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Il Fico


The traditional external staircase typical of old Umbrian farmhouses leads to this apartment. Ceilings with white beams, a shelf-partition between living room and kitchen. The view is enchanting, running from the silhouette of Torgiano to the bell-tower of the Benedectine Abbey of San Pietro in Perugia. In the living room is a lovely trompe l’oeil depicting a fig-tree.
Blue and white is the colour scheme of the two bedrooms; in the master bedroom a simple fresco recalls the legend of Saint Francis and the wolf of Gubbio.

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Fico can accomodate from 2 to 5 pax

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The fireplace is the heart of this apartment on two levels dedicated to the olive tree. Great care is given to the furnishings: from the blue tones of the sofa to the clean lines of the large antique chest of drawers, a central element of country houses in Umbria.
Under the splendid beamed ceiling is the large living room with a functional kitchenette, while on the upper floor are two bedrooms with wrought-iron beds.

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Olivo can accomodate from 2 to 6 pax

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Il Ginepro


A particular double-wide version of the traditional external staircase, typical of the old Umbrian farmhouses, leads to this apartment that is enchanting both outdoors and inside. Before entering, it is lovely to stop, lean out over the staircase landing and look out over the countryside.
Inside, the living room revolves around the fireplace featuring a pensive Satyr. The blue and white colour scheme unites the living room and kitchen décor, creating a serene ambiance, perfect for complete relaxation.

apt. plan

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Ginepro can accomodate from 2 to 6 pax

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La Rosa di macchia


The apartment is situated on two levels in the old hay-barn of the farmhouse. This is the area of “Il Poggio” that descends towards the pool. The living area is large and comfortable: fireplace, marble table and living room with floral-toned fabrics.
The spiral staircase leads to the sleeping area where the bedrooms open out onto a wide balcony: in the summer one can look out over the valley protected by the welcoming shade of the pergola.

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Rosa can accomodate from 2 to 6 pax

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La Uva spina


The outdoor patio is set between many hues of color: among these is the dominating green of the lawn, the ivy-covered walls, the oleanders with their pink flowers. Inside, the apartment is on two levels, with ceilings featuring the original large beams.
The brickwork archway frames a lovely 19th-century Umbrian antique chest of drawers. The wrought-iron spiral staircase leads to the welcoming and tranquil bedrooms on the upper floor.

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Rosa can accomodate from 2 to 6 pax

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La Malva


Part of the old hay-barn next to the farmhouse, “La Malva” is an apartment with a large living area on the ground floor with a fireplace and kitchen area.
The wrought-iron spiral staircase leads to the bedroom where the light walls contrast well with the green tones adopted for the bedroom furnishings.

apt. plan

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Malva can accomodate from 2 to 6 pax

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Apartments at Poggio

Located on the hillsides between Torgiano and Brufa. A glance at the surroundings quickly explains the name of Poggio alle Vigne: vineyards and olive groves alternate in stately and orderly rows. The 17th-century farmhouse with its 10 appartments is an ideal starting point to visit Umbria.
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Romantic Poggiolo

In the heart of the Lungarotti vineyard a small, cozy country home perfect for couples looking for a secluded spot. Created by harmoniously renovating an antique rural annex, this charming cottage takes on light and colours through its large windows, opening out onto a scented herb garden.
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Il Pometo Villa

When the slope of "Il Poggio" meets the wide plain running toward Torgiano, you will find “Il Pometo”, a separate farmhouse immersed in the vineyards. All around are heirloom apple trees, It is particularly well suited for families and large groups looking for a vacation home.
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